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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hidden Talent Of A Laxmi Aunty

I live in an apartment which is seperated from all other houses around hundred meters there is not apartments or house i purposely chose this place to satisy mysexualy desires. With in a month moving to this apartment i became familiar with all the families here. every one knows i good at computers so if they have any doubt they would contact me. Days was running smooth one day a lady who is located opposite to my home her name is Laxmi she is in her mid 40's but she always maintained her phsic.
Her boobs were perfect and she maintained her curves. Her structure is 36,32,34 even at this age. Her husband is living in japan and she was living with her only son who is just 13. She use to smile at me when ever we meet but she never spoke to me even once. One day to my surprise she stopped me and said she has few issues with her laptop so she wanted me to help with some technision to help her resolve the issue. I said i will take a look at her laptop once it i come back from my office. As soon as i reached home i went to her flat she greeted me and i sat in couch she brough her laptop and gave it to me. She forced to me to have something i said i will have coffee she smiled and went inside the kitchen.
All of sudden i was hearing a loud sound from kitchen when i went there i saw her lying on the floor she got scared when lizard fell on her. I gave a hand to her and lifted her .Her saree top fell down and I was able to see her top wearing only jacket looking at her in that stage woke the devil that moment i decided to fuck her at any cost. She remained her in that same position as she dint regain from that shock. I brough her to the hall and made her sit in the couch while bringing her i slowly pressed her boobs and kept my hands around her waist . after some time she regained senses and understood she was sitting with out covering her jacket. then she covered and went inside i secretly enjoying her assets . I knew she is alone and she dint have much contacts in the city so i thought i will use that to my advantage i caught her hand and asked her if she is alright she said she is fine. i dint leave her hand i called her Laxmi aunty she asked me what . You look beautiful even at this age. I was secretly admiring you all the way. She blushed and i said her that i am jealous of your husband. He is very luck to get a wife like you.
She remained silent and dint utter a word . From that time we started becoming close and we use to roam around the city when ever we feel like.As our friendship became stronger my thoughts to bring her to bed also increased. I found she like to roam in the bike so one her birthday night twelve i woke ever up and made her come to my flat. She came to my flat i had arranged her a cake and made her to cut that. then i gifted her a black t shirt and a jean i made her to wear that she was little hesitant at the beginning as that was the first time she wore such a dress. She looked like a model with out any second thought i fed her the cake . She was stunned to see her in such a dress she was admiring her. i went behind her and hugged she was shocked but she never stopped me that gave me confidence . I knew it has been long time she had sex i wanted to drill her. I went on my knees and asked her " Beautiful lady would you like to go for a ride in bike" She replied " Yes Mr. Handsome". We went for a long ride and reached home by 3 in the morning she loved it and her reaction towards me started i was able to identify it because while going for a ride she hugged me all the way i was able to feel her nibbles getting harder. As soon as we reached she hugged me and went inside her home.
Me: Laxmi!!
Laxmi: Ya da what happen?
Me: I am bored how about we had a coffee and chat for some time. I dont want to miss you beautiful.
Laxmi: Sure da
We both inside and locked the room. I thought i should use this time to fuck her. I used all the chance to touch her.She said she had a wonderful time wit me and i am making it a memoraable one .Mean while I bought coffee and little snack to my suprise she then revealed to me she was never satisifed in sex by her husband. He comes drills her pussy for ten minutes then he sleeps.and its been more than 10 years she ever had sex. So i found she ready for me and giving hints to me to satisfy her.So i went and sat next to her and holded her hands she rested on my shoulder. i called her" Laxmi if i was your husband i would have fucked you with every chance i got and i never leave you single minutes away she was in tears so i wipped her tears and hugged her she hugged me tight i moved apart hold her face and kissed her in lips she dint say anything she kissed me strong we were kissing passionately for more than 15 minutes sucking the lips and tasting our tongue. i was massaging her boobs and i inserted my hands inside her T shirt she started mouning i lifted her and brought her to my bed. removed her t shirt and say her breast standing stiff and wanted me to suck her i grapped it slow and smooth and was sucking it she rose up and hugged me her hands was in my head holding me tight. she tore my t shirt apart and sat on me made kissed me all over the top. Laxmi darling common satisfy your self i am here to satisfy you and conquer your pussy.
Laxmi: i want you badly shankar i love you,
I removed her pants and kissed all over i can smell she is leaking i pulled her panties i removed it and look her legs kept it on my shoulder, She yelled at me common darling rape me do what ever you wish i am all yours. I i kept my mouth on her pussy and started sucking it and also inserting my fingers . as soon i licked her pussy she reached her orgasm, i was sucking her pussy like crazy she was holding my hand tight and pressing it towards it, Her moaning was very high even outside ppl would have heard it. She said her husband has never went near her pussy or kissed it, I was grabbing her ass tight and my tongue was rolling all around her pussy it was tasting great. She then pushed me down and removed my pants she tried to removed my boxers as she was shivering she was not able to do it properly so she tore my boxer and pulled my 8 inch long and 2 inch think dick and kept inside her mouth she was having it like a corn she loved it she was sucking my cock and balls for 15 minutes and had drank all sperms .
She then parted her legs and made my dick to touch her wet pussy she was leaking she then inserted my dick and while entering she shouted in pain as she never had a dick so big she was shivering in pain i yelled at her bitch common do it my dick is waiting she hugged me while m dick was in her pussy it was very tight no air to move inside, i rose up to her and gave kiss. she then started the bumpy ride her massive boobs was jumping up and down that was the greatest scene . 36 size boobs jumping up and down for me. she was on my top and pumping my dick for fifteen minutes she already reached her second orgasm i then went on top of her streched her leg and pussed my dick she was screaming and saying i love you make me your wife, i inserted my sperm in her pussy after 20 minutes. after releasing me sperm i said " Happy birhtday Laxmi" she was dead tied after 3 long fucking hours of sex.
After she woke up she kissed and said this is the first time a man has satisfied her in whole life and she is luck to have me as a neighbour.We then continued our sex every day when ever we get time. Currently i moved in with her i am like her husand now, she never wants me to use condom.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Namastey Auntyji - Part I

Meri sex life ki shuruat huee thi san 2000 mein jab main 12 ke exams dekar hata tha. Main padney mein bhi khaas nahin tha aur na hi kisi aur cheej mein. Mujhmein kuch cheej khaas thi toh bas ye ke main kis ke kaam ko mana nahin karta tha chahey woh koi bhi kyun na ho. Aur meri sabse badi hobby thi kis ko bhi khush rakhna. Mere mom dad ka main akela ladka hoon isiliye mere mom dad mujhey full support kartey hain. Mere dad ki kiryaney ki uss waqt bahut badi dukan hua karti thi. Dukan mein bade se lekar chotey barnd ka har samman milta tha. Aur sher mein bhi hmara acha naam tha.

Ek baar ek company ki traf se dad ko 2 haftey ka 2 logon ke liye ek south india ka trip mila. Mere dad ne mujhey aur mere chaha ji ke ladkey ko ghumaaney ko khaa but hum dono ko abhi collge mein admission lene ke liye bahut kaam karna tha issliye humney apni traf se man kar diya. Akhirkaar mom aur dad dono ne janye ka fainsla kia lekin jo dikkat thi woh yeh ki main khan rahunga itney din. Mere kehne pe mian ghar pe hi ruk gya. Pados waley uncle ko jab pta laga ki mom dad jaa rhain hain toh unhoney achey padosi hone ke kaarn aur mere dad ke achey dost honey ke karan mujhey khaa ki itney din mein unke ghar pe hi khaan khaa lonn aur fir peechey se dukan bhi toh band nahin kar saktey hum dukan s hi sambhal lenge. Uncle ki dukan 4 dukan chod kar hi thi. Hum sab raaji ho gaye.
Main aksar ghr pe hi rehta tha mere dost bhi kam hi they. Aur na hi mera pados mein ana jana tha. Sirf kis tyhar par hi main khin ata jaata tha. Mom dad sunday ko nikal gaye they aur monday ko dukan band rehti hai issliye main befikar ho kar soya rha. Karib 10 bajey uncle ne phone kia aur khaa ki woh dukan ka smaan lene delhi jaa rhaeyin hai agar mein chhoon toh sman lene unke saath chaloon . Mainey khaa uncle ghr pe koi nahin hai toh main ghar pe hi rukunga. Toh unvle ne kha beta fir ghr pe aakar khana khalena main niklta hoon.
Fir mainy kha ki uncle main seedha ab dopahr ka khan hi khaunga. Fir uncle ne kha jaisi tumhri marji aur phoine rakh dia. Main nha dhokar kuch der tv dekhne lga. Hbo par titanic movie aa rahi thi main dekhney lga. Tabhi ghadi mein dekh ki 1 baj gya. Main uncle ke yhan khana khaney ke liye chla gya. Mainey door bell baji toh andar se awaj aayee ki kaun hai mainey khaa aunty ji main hoon mohan. Aunty ne kha aajao beta drvaja khula hai aur main andar chjala gya. Aunty balcony mein hi thi. Aur washing mashine se kapde nikal rahi thi. Issi karan aunty ke sarey kapdey bhi geeley ho rakhey they. Aunty(rekha) bahut hi sundar hain. Unke gore gore boobs saaf dikhai de rahey they. Aunty ne kha andar chalo main abhi aayee. Aunty thodi der mein andar ayye aunty ke kapdey abhi bhi geeley they. Aur boobs bhi dikhai de rahey they. Autny ne khan dete hue kain baar mujhey apne boobs se touch kia itne dere mein aunty ki beti aditi bhi aagye aditi ne 10th ke exams diye the aur voh +1 ki coaching joi karchuki thi. Mujhey namastey kehney ke baad woh boli mummy aaj physics kin tution nahin hai issiliye ghar aagyee. Mujhey bhi khana dedo. Main fir ussey bat karke chla gya. Ghar pahunchtey hi mainey pehle toh aunty ke naam ki mooth mari aur fir so gya.
Jab utha toh raat ke 8 baj chukey they. Main dobar uncle ke ghar gya. Aunty ne deep clevage ka suit pehen rkha tha aur aditi khan khaa rahi thi. Mainey bhi join kia aur aunty vohin baith gayee. Mera dhyan fir aunty ke boobs par chala gya. Aditi khan kha chuki thi aur kyunki kho na pyar hai cable tv pe aa rahee thi woh tv dekhne lag gayee. Mainey bhi khana khaa liya tha aunty ne smil di apni bajuon se apne chuchon ko dabaya aur boli kuch bhi chhiyo toh bol dena sharmana mat. Main nasamjhi mein no thnks bol kar ghar aa gya.
Main rat ko aunty ke baarey mein sochta rha aur socha ki kaash aunty ki mil jaaye toh mja aajayega. Aur fir so gya. Kyunki main raat ko bahut late soya tha toh subah late uthna bhi lajmi tha. Jab main utha toh ghadi mein 10 baj chukey they
Papa 10 bajey dukan khol dte they. Main jaldi jaldi nhaya aur dukan ki chabiya lekar dukan par chal diya. Dukan ke bhar sare workres aur minim ji mera wait kar rahey they. Mainey munim ji ko galley pe baithney ko kha kyunki papa jab idhar udhar jaatey they toh munim ji hi galley pe baithtey they main dukan pe na ke brabar hi baithta tha. Thodi der mein uncle dukan pe aaye aur boley beta aunty ka phone aay tha tum nashety ke liye nahin gaye gahr pe. Mainey btay ki uncle akle rehne ki adta nahin hai na toh aaj fir late utha tha. Issilye nhain ja pya. Fir munim ji kheny lagey babu ji fir yheen se khan mngwa lein. Iss par uncle bole ghar hai hi kitni door ghr khake aajao bete dukan munim ji smbhal lenge. Mainey bhi bike uthgai auyr ghar ki traf chal diya.
Jatey hi door bell baji. Aunty ne darvaja khola aur boli kab se tumhari wait kar rahi thi aa jao. Gahr pe main akli hi hoon. Aunty red saree aur black blouse mein katal lag rahi thi. Aunty ji peechey moodi toh aunty ki back saaf dikh rahi thi. Mera ye sab dekh kar hi lund khada ho gya.Aur main andar chal diya. Dil kar rha tha aunty ko yaheen pakad ke chod doon. But darr lag rjha tha. Aunty ne nashta ek bar mein hi paros diya aur mere samney baith gayee. Mera dhayan unke boobs par hi tha. Mainey jab aakhein utha kar dekhi toh aunty mujhey hi dekhrahi thi. Aunty gussey mein boli kya dekh rahey ho. Main bola kuch nahin aunty. Aunty boli mujhey sab malloom hai itni der se kya kar rahey ho. Lagta hai tumhrey uncle ko batna padega. Mainey kha sorry aunty ji plz main aagye se repat nahin karunga. Fir aunty ne mere khadey hue land ki traf ishar kia aur kha ye pent mein kya hai.
Main sharminda ho gya aur bola kuch nahin aunty ji. Aunty ne kha sach scha bato. Main bola aunty sahi mein kuch nhain hai. Fir aunty uthi aur meri pocket mein haath daal kar mera lund pakda aur boli ye kya hai. Main ab aur dar gya tha. Aunty boli tum aisey nahin manogey lagta hai uncle ko phone krna hi padega, aur aunty phone ki traf badney lagi. Main darr gya tha aur mera lund bhi baith gya main bola aunty sach mein kuch nahin hai aur aunty ka haath pakad liya ki woh phone na kkar sakein. Mujhey ye nahin pta ki ye aunty ki chal thi ki mainey sahi mein aunty ko jhtka mara ki aunty meri chati se aakar chipak gayee. Aunty ne fir meri pocket mein haath dala aur mere baith hue lund ko pakad kar boli ye toh abhi bhi pocket mein hain lekin ye soft kaisey ho gya. Main dar kar bola aunty ye toph mera woh h. Aunty boli jooth bol rahey ho dikaho jara. Main bola aunty main sach bol rha hoon. Aunty boli fir jooth. Dikhao mujhey. Mainey kha aunty ye nahin ho skta. Aunty boli mainey tumhar bachpan mein kai bar dekha hai ab kya harz hai. Aur fir meri pent khlo di. My mail id is mohanprajapat253@gmail.Com.
Meri pent kholtey saath hi mere armaan fri jaag gaye aur mera lund fir jagney lga. Auntry ne mere under wear mein haath daala aur mera lund pkad liya, aur boli "ye toh sach mein tumhri luli hai. Oh sorry ab toh ye lund ban gya". Fir aunty ne mera lund apne soft soft hathon se masla uar kha chalo pent pehn lo aur khan khalo. Tumpe shak karney ke liye sorry. Main ab bhi dra hua tha. Aunty ne kha khan khalo baki mainey baki ka khan khaya aur janey lga. Fir aunty boli jo mainey dekhna tha dekh liya agr tum chaho toh tum bhi woh dekh saktey ho jo tum dekh rahey they. Aur halki si mile paas ki. Ab mujhye aunty kiharkat samjh aa gayee. Main bola dikaho aunty. Aunty ne kha agar aunty bologey toh kaisey dikhaoon. Mujhey rekha khao.
Mainey kha sach mein rekha. Woh boli haan mere mohan. Lekin jaisey mainey khud dekha tum bhi khud hi dekh lo. Main ek saath aunty par toot pada. Aunty boli ram se aram se kabhi koi ladki nahin dekhi kya. Main ruka aunty boli pyar se karo abhi 3 bajey tak hum akele hi hain.
Tabhi uncle ka phone aa gya uncle ne phone pe aunty ko kha ki mohan ko bolye agar chaye toh rest karlega aur mera lunch lekar dukan aa jayega. Fir jaisey hi mujhey ye pta lga main jaa kar aunty se chipak gya aur bola rekha tumharey saath sona chata hoon. Aunty boli fir chalo bed room mein. Hum dono bed pe let gaye. Fir aunty mujhey kiss karney lagi. Main bhi response dene lga. Mere response se aunty boli beta kisi ko kiss nahin kia kya. Main bola nahin aunty ji. Fir aunty ne kha beta go slow. Sex mein slow and steady wins the race. Fir aunty nemeri shirt utari aur apni saree utarne ko kha.. Mainey sareei utari aur fir aunty ne meri pent utar di aur mera lund apne hath mein pakd liya. Hum dono fir ek dusre ko kiss karne lag gaye.
Kaafi der kiss karney ke baad mainey aunt ka blose aur peticot khol diya. Aunty ne red colour ki bra panty pehni hui thei. Aunty puri sex ki godess lag rahee thi. Hum dono bahut hot ho chukey they. Mainey fir aunty ke baal khol diy. Aunty boli mohan aur mat tarsao. Mujhey pyar karo. Aur mera underwear utar diya. Aunty mera lund haath mein pakad ke hilaney lagi. Unkey soft haton ki chuan se main apney aap ko contrl nahin kar paya aur sara maal nikal gya. Aunty boli tum sach mein first time kar rahey ho kya. Mainey haan kha aunty boli chalo ab koi fayda nahin kapdey pehn lo baad mein kartey hain. Mainey kha rekha mujhey woh toh dekhney do jo main dekh rha tha. Aunty apni saree uthatey huey boli baadmein beta tum abhi bachey ho. Main khada hua aur aunty ko apni bahon mein bahr ke kiss karney lga aur bola iss bachey ko thodi der doodh toh pila kar sula do.
Aunty ne apni saree chodi aur kha lo pee lo. Mainey aunty ki bra utari aur haath mein boobs pakd kar maslney lga. Fir thodi der baad mainey unhey moonh mein le liya aur chusney lga.Aur humdono fir bed pr aa gaye. Aunty ab maon karti huee kehni lagi mohaaaaaaaan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaram se karo beta. Fir main aunty ke upar let gya aur bola rekha tumhre bahot soft hai. Aunty boli mere kya. Main bola tumhare boobs. Fir aunty boli meeeereeeeeeeeee chucheeeeee aahhhhhhhha toh chuso na unko. Mat tarsao mohan. Koi 5 min tak main chuchey choosta rah aur mera lund fir salami dene lga.

Bhai Ki Shadi Se Pehle Maine Manayi Suhagraat

Pichle mahine mere bade bhai ki shadi thi aur hamare ghar bhut guest aaye huye the, har taraf shadi ki teyariyan aur khushi ka mahol tha. Hamare ghar kuch aise guest bhi aaye huye the jinhe main nahi janta tha aur jinhe main apni life me pehli baar mil raha tha. Ghar ki shadi hone ki vajah se humne kuch dur ek ghar kuch dino ke liye rent par liya huya tha . Jinme humne apne kuch relatives ko stay karwana tha.
Shadi se ek din pehle humare ghar mehman aaye jinhe hum teeno bhai behan me se koyi nahi jaanta tha. Mumma ne hume bataya ke ye unke cousin aur hamari mausi hai jo jalandhar me rehti hain aur bhut dino baad shadi ke mauke par aayi hain. Unke sath unki beti bhi thi. Mausi ki umar lagbhg 38 saal ki thi. Lekin dekhne me wo 35 se jayada nahi lag rahi thi. Unka figure bhi bhut acha tha. Maine unka bag unke hath se liya aur hum ander aa agye. Ghar me ayada mehmaan hone ki vajah se mamma ne mujhe kaha ke inko sath wale ghar me shift kardo. Lekin unki beti wahan jane ko ready nahi huyi to wo meri dii wale room mein unke sath ruk gayi.

Kuch der baate karne ke baad man aur mausi ji sath wale ghar me aa gaye.Jahan unko rukna tha.Waha unho ne mujhse pucha ke tum kya kar rahe ho aaj kal aur yaha waha ke baate huyi lekin mera dhayan sirf aur sirf unki figure me tha . Unka figure bhut sexy tha . Unka size 38.36.40 ka hoga . Unke ubhre huye boobs mujhe unki taraf kheench rahe the . Main baar baar unko he dekhe ja raha tha .Shayad unhone ye sab notice kar liya tha. Phir unhone ne apni chunni theek ki aur kaha ab tum kab shadi kar rahe ho. To main unki baat sun kar chup kar gaya aur sochne laga agar ap kaho to abhi apke sath suhagrat mana leta hu.
Phir maine unko kaha ke ap rest karo main tab tak aapke liye khana le aata hu. Dopehar ko jab main unke liye khana lekar gaya to mausi ji naha rahe the aur unhone bathroom ka darwaza ander se lock nahi kiya huya tha.Isse se acha mauka mere liye aur koyi nahi ho sakta tha unko dekhne ka. Main chupke se room me gaya aur unko bathroom me nahate huye dekhne lag gaya. Unko dekh kar mera land to khambe jaise khada ho gaya man kar raha tha yahi unko thok du. Jab wo naha kar bahar aane lagi to mai jaldi se room se bahar aagya aur unko aawaz di. Tab tak wo bathroom se bahar aa gayi thi. Aur unhone ne ek deep gale ka pink colour ka suit pehna huya tha jisme wo bhut sexy lag rahi thi.
Maine unke liye khana rakha aur main wapis aane laga to unhone mujhe rok liya aur kehne lagi mere sath khana kha lo aur hum kuch der baate bhi kar lenge. Main jhat se maan gaya aur hum khana khane lag gye. Khate samay meri nazar baar baar unke boobs ki taraf ja rahi thee. Jise unhone dekh liya tha aur mujhse kehte kya dekh raha hain. Maine kaha kuch nahi mausi ji. To wo mere taraf dekh kar has padi. Yaha meri halat bhut khrab ho rahi thee. Maine jaldi se khana khaya aur apne ghar wapis aagaya. Aur sabse pehle bathroom me ja kar unke naam se muth mari. Lekin mera lund phir bhi thanda nahi huya.
Sham ko shagun hone ki wajah se hum sab teyar ho kar mausi ji ko lene unke ghar gaye. Car main drive kar raha tha. Mere sath mere mamma,meri behan aur mausi ji ki beti thi.Wo sab ander mausi ji ko lene chale gaye aur main bahar car me hi betha raha. Kuch der baad jab sab wapis aaye to main mausi ji ko dekh kar dang reh gaya. Unhone pista green colour ki saadi pehni huyi thi. Jisme wo ek apsa jesi lag rahi thi. Unhone meri taraf dekha aur smile di. Maine bhi unko smile se wish kiya. Aur hum sab hotel aa gaye jaha shagun ka fuction tha. Sab ek dusre se mil rahe the. Main meri behan ,mausi ji aur unki beti ek taraf table par beth gaye aur baate karne lag gaye. Kuch der baad meri behan aur unki beti kahi chale gye. Kuch der chup rehne ke baad mausi ji ne pucha ke meet to khana khate waqt kya dekh raha tha. Main achanak unki ye baat sun kar chup gaya aur kuch nahi bola. Phir unhone kaha tune mujhe nahate huye kitni der dekha tha.
Mujhe unki baate sun kar ac haal mein bhi paseena aane lag gaya aur main kuch nahi bola aur unko sorry bol ke wahan se uth kar chala gaya. Saaare function me wo mujhe hi dekhti rahi . Raat jab function khatam huya to hum sab ghar aa gaye. Sab ek dusre se baate kar rahe the aur maine apne room me ja kar apna dress change kar ke raat ko sone wale kapde pehn liye the. Tabhi mujhe mumma ki aawaz aayi ke main mausi ji ko ghar drop kar ke aau. Main mausi ji ko ghar drop karne gaya to mai raste me bhi chup raha rha. Aur mausi ji mujhe baar baar dekh rahi thi.
Jab main mausi ji ko ghar drop kar ke wapis aane laga to unhone mujhe ander aane ko kaha. Main ander chala gaya. Unhone kaha ke kuch der beth main fresh ho kar aati hu. Jab wo apne kapde change kar ke wapis aayi to unhone white colour ki sleev less nighty pehni huyi thi jisme wo qayamat lag rahi thi . Main bas unko he dekhe ja raha tha. Tabhi unhone mujhe kaha ke meet raat bhut hogayi hain aur tu ghar phone kar ke bata de ke aj tu yahin soyega. Maine aisa hi kiya. Aur raat mausi ji ke sath ruk gaya. Hum phir baate karne lag gaye. Lekin meri nazar unki figure me hi thi. Tabhi unhone mujhse pucha kya dekh rahe ho maine kaha kuch nahi mausi ji. Unhone kaha tujhe meri kasam bata tu kya dekh raha hain. Maien bhi himmat kar ke kaha mausi jii ap bhut sexy ho aur mujhe bhut ache lagte ho.Mausi ji has padi aur kaha bas sexy lagti hu. Mujhme aur kuch acha nahi lagta tujhe. Unki baat sun kar meri himmat bhi bad gayi aur maine kaha mausi ji mujhe aapke boobs bhut sunder lagte hain aur man karta hain apki aankho ki gehrayi me dub jau.
Mausi ne chal pagal tu apni aur meri umar dekh. Acha ab baate banana band kar aur ja kar so ja. Lekin meri aankho me neend nahi thi . Maine himaat kar ke mausi ji ka haath pakad liya unko hath par kiss karne laga. Mausi ji jhat se apna hath piche kar liya aur mujhe kehne lage meet ye sb theek nahi hain. Main teri mausi hu. Maine unko ko mausi i love you. Aur unko hug karne liya. Wo jan bujh kar mujhse chutne ki koshish karne lagyi. Tabhi maine unke lips par jor se kiss ki aur unke lips chusne lag gaya. Wo ab bhi mujhe piche hatane ke jor laga rahi thee . Lekin unka ye virodh jhutha tha kyuki wo mere sath pura coprate kar rahi thi jab main unke lips chus rha tha. Kuch der baad maine unko jhutha virodh bhi kam ho gaya aur ab wo mere lips chus rahi thi aur main unki tongue ko smooch kar raha tha. Jab maine dekha ke ab wo mere sath comfart hain to maine unka hath apne lund par rakh diya jo pehle se hi khada tha.
Jab unka hath mere land par laga to unhone apna hath aise piche kiya jaise usme se unko bijli ka current laga ho.Maine kaha kya huya to unhone kaha tera lund to bhut bada hain. Main phir unke lips chusne lag gaya.Ek hath se unke boobs dabane laga aur dusra hath unki back par firane laga. Mausi ji ko shayad bhut maza aaraha tha jis wajah se unki band aur muh se aah aahhh aaaaaahhh sssshhhhhh ki aawaze nikalne lagi thi. Dhire dhire main unke boobs nighty ke uper se hi chusne laga. Aur mera hath thighs ke bich ghum raha tha. Tabhi unhone kaha aise nahi meri nighty utar kar mere boobs chuso. Unki ye baat sunte hi main jaise pagal hogaya aur pehle unki nighty phir unki bra last me unki penty bhi utar di. Ab wo mere samne bilkul nangi thi. Aur unka jism aise lag raha tha jaise purnima ka pura chaand ho. Main to unko dekh kar pagal he ho gaya tha . Unki cleanshave chut chut se bhut he achi khushbu aa rahi thi. Maine unko sidha letaya aur unki legs ke bich aa kar unki chut ko dekhne laga. Unhone kaha meet kya dekh raha hain. Ye teri hain jo marji kar.. Kha ja ise. Tabhi main unki chut chatne lag gaya. Unki chut pehle se hi bhut gili ho gayi thi.Mere chatne se unki muh se alag alag tarah ki aawaze aa rahi the kuch der hi unki chut ne pani chod diya jise main maze le le kar pe gaya.
Ab unhone kaha ab meri bari. Tabhi unhone pehle meri t.Shirt aur baad me meri nikar utar di. Maine ander kuch nahi pehna tha jisse mera lund achanak unke samne aa gaya aur mera 7.5 inch ka lund dekh kar dang reh gayi. Pehle unhone use ache se hilaya.. Uske baad unhone mere lund ke top ko chumna shuru kiya aur dhire dhire pura lund muh me le kar chusne lag gayi. Mujhe bhut maza aa raha tha. Wo mera lund aise chus rahi thi jaise koi bacha lolypop.. Saath saath me wo mere lund ko bhi upar niche hila rahi thi. Kuch der baad jab mera pani nikalne wala tha to maine unko kaha ke mera hone wala hain to unhone meri taraf dekh kar mujhe aankh mari mari aur jor jor se mera lund chusne lag gayi. Tabhi mere pani ki dhar unke muh me chali gayi jise wo bade maze le le kar chat gayi. Ab wo bhut khush lag rahi thi unhone mujhe jor se hug kiya aur mujhe lip kiss ki. Kuch der aisa karne ke baad mera lund phir se khada ho gaya. Mausi ji ye dekh kar kaha ab kya irada hain maine kaha jaisa ap kaho. Unhone kaha ab meri chut ki bhi pyaas bujha de .
Tabhi main unki tango ke bich aagaya. Unhone mera lund apni chut par adjust kiya aur ishara kiya ander karne ka. Maine unka ishara smjhte hi ek dhaka mara to mera adha lund unki chut me chala gaya aur muh aaaaahhhhhhh ki aawaz nikal gayi. Maine pucha kya huya to unhone kaha tera lund bhut mota hain is liye. Tu apna kaam chalu rakh. Maine apna lund bahar nikala phir unki chut par adjust aur ek jor se shot maara jisse mera sara lund ek baar mein hi unki chut me chala gaya. Aur unki muh se is baar ek jordar cheek nikli. Lekin hume is baat ka koi dar nahi tha kyunki us ghar me sirf hum dono he the aur sabhi darwaze band the. Kuch der dhake marne ke baad mausi bhi apni gand utha utha kar mera sath dene lagi aur muh se aaahhh aaaaaahhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhh uuuuhhhhhhhhhh ki aawaze nikalne lagi . Kuch der aisa karne ke baad mausi ne mera lund apni chut me daba liya jisse mujhe mehsoos huya ke mausi jhad gayi hain.
Aur maine dhake marna band kar diya. Jab mausi ka pani nikal gaya to mausi ne mujhe niche letne ko kaha aur wo khud mere upar aagayi.Ab unhone apne hath me pakad kar mera lund apni chut par adjust kiya aur phir uchal uchal kar usko apni chut me lene lagi. Uchalte waqt mausi ke boobs aise uchal rahe the jaise tennis ball bounce karti hain. Main bhi unke har shot ke sath apne land unki chut me dal kar jawab de raha tha. Lagbhag 10 minute aisa karne ke baad mausi thak gayi. Aur niche utar kar phir se mera lund chusne lag gayi. Lund chusne ke baad maine unko ghodi ban ne ke liye kaha to wo jhat se bed ke ek corner se lag kar ghodi ban gayi aur mai unke piche aa kar unki chut me apna 7.5 ka lund daal kar unhe jor jor se chodne lag gaya. Takreeban 5 minute ghodi style me chudne ke baad mausi ek baar aur jhad gaya lekin mera pani nikalna abhi bhi baki tha. Phir maine mausi ko sidha letne ka kaha. Main unki legs ke bich aakar unki legs ko apne shoulder par rakh kar unhe chodne laga. Is tarah chudai karne me unko aur mujhe bhut maza aaraha tha. Tabhi mujhe mehsoos huya ke mera pani bhi nikalne wala hain to maine mausi ko bataya to unhone kaha mere muh me apna pani nikal . Tere pani ta taste mujhe bhut pasand aaya.
Tabhi maine unke muh me dhar nikal di jise wo bina saans roke pe gayi. Lagbhag 1 ghante ki chudai me hum dono thak gaye the. Kuch der rest karne ke baad wo uthi aur bathroom me khud ko saaf karne chali gayi. Main bhi piche piche chala gaya. Jab main ander gaya to wo apni chut ko saaf kar rahi thi. Mujhe ander dekh kar wo has padi aur mere lund ko hath se pakad ek jor se chuma jad diya. Unka aise karne se mera lund phir tan gaya. Jise dekh kar wo boli ab kya karna baki hain. Pehle he tere lund ne meri chut ka chod chod ke bura haal kar diya hain. Maine unko kiss kiya aur unko khada kiya . Hum dono phir ek dusre ko kiss karne lage. Jisse hum dono phir garam hone shuru ho gaye. Mausi ji ne kaha chal ander chalte hain lekin maine kaha nahi. Main ghutno ke bal beth kar unki chut chatne lag gaya aur wo apne hath se mera muh apni chut me dabane lag gayi. Unki chut phir gili honi shuru ho gayi. Kuch der chut chusne ke baad maine unko bathroom me washbasin ke sahare ghodi bana kar lagbhag 20 25 minute jam kar choda. Is duran mausi ji 2 baar phir jhadi. Aakhir me mausi ji bhut thak gayi aur unhone muth maar kar mera pani nikala jisse is baar unhone apne boobs par girne diya.
Tb tk raat ke 3 baj gaye the aur hum dono jordar chudai ke baad thak gaye the. Hum aise he nange ek dusre ki bahon me so gaye. Subah 7 baje jab meri aakh khuli to mausi bathroom mein naha rahi thi. Main unke pas gaya to bikul nude naha rahi thi aur unke jism par sabun laga tha. Unhe dekh kar mera lund phir khada ho gaya. Tabhi maine unko piche se unke gale par kiss kiya. Unhone bhi mujhe kiss kar ke mujhe morning wish ki. Jab unhone mujhe kiss kiya to mera khada lund unki chut se takraya to unhone ne meri taraf dekh kar smile pass ki. Maine bhi smile di aur unki chut me lund adjust karne laga unhone ne bhi mera sath diya aur apni legs ko is position me kiya jaha se mera lund unki chut mein asani se chala jaye. Hum dono bathroom mein hi fatafat chudai ka ek round khela aur main apne ghar wapis aa gaya. Ghar aa kar main bhi jaldi se nahaya. Aur shadi ke liye teyar ho gaya. Mausi bhi shadi wale din bhut khush lag rahi thi aur baar baar meri taraf dekh kar has rahi thi. Lekin shadi ke just baad hi mausi apne ghar jalandhar wapis chali gayi .

Saman Lane Ke Bahane Dukanwali Aunty Ki Chudai

Ye ghatna bas 1 mahina purani hai jo june ki mahina main ghata hai.Bas aap ko aur na bor karte hue sidhe kahani pe ata hun- Main Vishal umar 22 sal kad 5'7'' atheletic body.Har logo ki tarah mera bhi man sex karne main lagta tha lekin kisi k sath kabhi sex kiya nahin tha.Main apna graduation khatam kar ke ghar pe hi tha to ghar ka kam kaj dekhta tha aur sath main muth bhi marta rahta tha.Mere man hamesha ladkiyon ke mukable matured aunties pe jyada lagta tha.

To un dino ghar ka rasan bagera lane ke liye main har 8-10 din main ek bar dukan pe jata tha.Us dukan main ek aunty baith ti thi.Aunty ki nam Nandini hai umar karib 35 sal unke do bachhe he jo abhi school main padhte he aur unka pati ka kam aisa tha ki subah 10 baje jate the aur dopahar ko ate the.Ek chhota business sambhal te the unke pati.Mene aunty ke bare main nahin bataya unka fig 36-34-40 ki hai aur wo hamesha low cut bala blouse pehnte the jiski bajah se unka boobs bahar kitaraf niklne kifiraq me rahta tha aur kasa hua tha.Aunty hamesa apne balo pe shampoo karke bal khule chhodte the jise dekh mera lund khada ho jata tha kisi swarg ki apsara se kam nahin thi woh. Main jab bhi aunty ki dukan main jata to hamesha unke bade bade boobs ko ghurta rahta tha aur yeh bat dhire dhire aunty ko bhi pata chalgayi jab bhi mera najar unke aur jata woh thodi smile de deti thi.
Ek din main saman lene unke yahan gaya tha.Us waqt karib 11 baj rahe the ghar main sirf wo aur unki sas the jo ki na ke barabar he.To main pahunchte hi unko saman ki list badha di aur wo ek ek kar ke saman pack karne lage us din bhi woh apni balon pe shampoo kie the aur hair khule chhode the aur har din se jyada sexy lag rahe the unhe dekh ke mera bura hal ho raha tha aur mera lund paint main se saf khada dikhai de raha tha aur yeh bat aunty ne notice karli.Sare saman dene ke bat unhone mujhe chaye pi ke jane ke liye bola aur main turant raji ho gaya.Jaise hi aunty chaye banane ke liye kitchen main gayi main bhi unke pichhe pichhe gaya aur unko pichhe se kas ke pakad liya woh heran ho gayi aur mujhse chhudane lagi lekin mera pakad itna majboot tha ki woh ja nahin payi iss dauran main ne unke balo ko sunghne laga kya khushboo thi yaro puchho mat phir maine unke balo ko hatake unke pith par kiss karne laga sara pith par jibh ferne laga phir apna juban unki gardan ki our le gaya aur sare aur kiss karta raha aur unki moti gand pe apna khada hua lund ragadne laga.
Aunty to pahle chhudane kosish kar rahi thi aur ab woh bhi ahe bharne lagi thi.Achanak hi aunty ne pichhe mudi aur mujhe apne gale main laga liya aur apni honth meri hontho par rakh diye maine apni juban unke muhn ke andar dhakel di aur wo mere jibh ko chusne lagi karib 10 minute tak hamlog aise hi kiss karte rahe aur phir alag ho gaye.Uske bad unhone bedroom me jane ke liye bola aur hum wahan chalne lage.Aunty mujhse lipatne lagi aur mere paint ki jeep khol kar mera lund ko bahar nikal liya mere 8inch ke lund ko dekh kar aunty bahut khus hogayi aur boli tumhara auncle ka sirf 5inch ka hai jisse mujhe santusti nahin milti aur to aur unhone mujhe kayi salon se choda nahin aur aunty sirf ungli se hi kam chalati thi aur dhire dhire meri taraf akarsit hone lagi thi.Lund bahar nikalte hi usne apni gulabi honth mere supde pe rakh di aur kai salon ki pyasi ki tarah use chusne lagi main to mano jannat main tha wo jis tarah se chus rahi thi mujhe laga sayad main jhad jaunga isiliye unko mujhse alag kiya aur phir dhire dhire unke sare kapde khol die aunty ab puri nangi mere samne chhatpata rahi thi.
Maine bhi apne kapde utar diye aur nanga ho gaya phir maine unke boobs ko chusne laga aur chatne laga unke muhn se siskariyan nikalne lagi aaah uuuhhh aurrrrr tejiii se.. chato maaarrrgayiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aur mere munh ko apni boobs pe dabane lagi main unki boobs chat te chat te nipples ko bhi katne laga woh najane kya kya bhad bhada rahi thi aur bol rahi thi aur mat tadpao mere raja choddalo apni aunty ko bujhado meri pyas banjao aaj mere pati banalo mujhe apni patni yah rakhail.Nandini ki yeh bat sunkar mera josh doguna hogaya lekin main iss hasin pal ko aur jyada lamba khicna chahta tha ab main unko palank pe letake unki chut ki aor badhne laga unke choot pe ek bhi bal nahin the ek dum shave thi.Pahle maine apni do ungli unke chut par ghusadi aur andar bahar karne laga woh siskariyan lene lagi aaaaahhhhhh chod muuujheee saaleeee.......Kiyooon tadpa rahaaa..... hhaaaiiii phir mene apni juban unke choot par rakhdi aur chatne laga thodi hi der me aunty jhad gayi aur main unka sara mal pi gaya.
Ab main apna khada hua lund unke choot pe tika kar ek jordar dhakka mara aunty ke muhn se chikh nikal gayi uuuiieeemaaa.......Maaarrrgaaaaaayyyyyiiii.......Pahle dhakka se lund adha unke choot ke andar gaya aur phir dusre dhakka se lund puri tarah se aunty ke choot main ghus gaya.Main jordar aunty ki chudai karne laga aunty ki munh se tarah tarah ke awaje nikal rahe the.Ab main apna speed tej kar di aunty b mujhse apni gand utha utha ke chudwa rahi thi aur bol rahi thi aur jorse aur jorse chod mujhe phad de mere iss choot ko bujha de meri pyas bana le mujhe apni bachhe ki maa yeh sunte hi maine aunty ki barahmi se chudai karne laga aur thodi der bad unke choot main hi jhad gaya.Hum dono nange us hal main lagbhag adhe ghante pade rahe aur phir main apna saman leke hamare ghar chala aya.Us din se hum jab bhi mauka milta hai apne aap ko chudai ke maha samundar main duba detehai.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

My Aunty's Hidden Desires

It all began when I completed my 12th from our local suburb college and secured 90% in 12th. I was 18 that time. I decided to go to one of the top colleges in Mumbai and due to my high percentile even I got into one of them. But now question arises how could i travel from my home to college daily?

It was almost 2.5-3 hours daily single journey. My mom suggested if we can ask her sister who lived in Mumbai about this situation. Because mom's sister - Radha aunty and Ramesh uncle had a very nice flat in Mumbai just nearby from my college when Ramesh uncle and Radha aunty came to our house to congratulate me they realized our problem.
But Ramesh uncle told my father why are in worries Deepu's father. Deepu can surely stay with us as long as he wants. It’s our pleasure to help such a talented boy like Deepu and anyways our house has extra empty bedroom where he can easily stay and even me too due to my merchant navy job most of the time stay away from home.
So Deepu can easily accommodate in our house! My mom dad overwhelmed with his and aunty's response. We all were happy around one week before college start date I went shifted to Radha aunty's flat in town. Radha aunty and Ramesh uncle were very pleasant couple. They had 18 year boy who used to stay in convent school hostel away from the city and a recent 9 month old baby.
I once heard mom was talking to my father how after so many years Radha aunty gave birth to a child again. Radha aunty was younger to my mom and was approximately 47 years old. Their son Vikas used to come to visit them only in summer vacation in May each year. I think maybe they must be missing him hence uncle aunty readily asked me to stay with them.
They were treating me just like their son. After just two-three days uncle went on his job and told us that he will now return only after a month. It was June's second week and even my college started. It was a early morning college from 7 am till 1 pm.
Radha aunty was very religious and traditional person. Despite living in a cosmopolitan city I have never seen her wearing any modern cloths. She always used to wear descent sarees even though she was into her late 40's she looked beautiful.
Naturally tall she had a decent body structure and her face was very beautiful and fair. I have never seen her without her Mangalsutra,Bangles and sindoor in her hair partition. Always polite and smily I always felt like she looks like one the goddesses from mythological TV serials.
Her overall personality was absolutely respectable. Most of the time in house she either used to do house chores and taking care of her newborn baby or doing religious enchanting in front of god. When I used to come home from college in the afternoon we used to have lunch together.
Days were passing pretty quickly and now my schedule was just set perfectly. July started and monsoon started bursting heavily. One weekend climate remained wet and humid. On Monday early morning usually i took bath and came out and started looking for my under wear.
I found all my under wears are still wet. I just got bit confused as i had to attend practical exam that day. Radha aunty already freshened up by that time and was doing religious prayer that time.
I always used to appreciate that no matter what she always used to wake up at 5 in the morning and used to spend 2-3 hours in prayers. Somehow aunty saw my confusion and she stopped prayer in between and asked "Deepu beta what happened ?
Why are you not getting ready for college? I replied Aunty problem is that my all inner wears are wet Aunty replied "Oh , this hell monsoon wait let me check if i can find your uncle's under wear and she broke her prayer in between and went to bedroom.
After 5 minutes she came back with sad face saying "Oh dear and I guess your uncle took all his garments with him so couldn't find any. I replied no worries aunty for today I can just wear jeans and go to college and I went to my bedroom in a minute Radha aunty knocked my door and came in.
I was combing my hear. She told me "Deepu beta its already cold out there, if you go out only on jeans its not good. Does one thing for today you wear my inner wear and go and she handed over me her panty. It was jet black and all satin.
But main problem was it was absolutely small. Aunty said further "Deepu, sorry beta, i know its little short for you. But this is the largest size all i have rest all my panties are smaller than this one. So please bear this and she immediately went out.
I was in surprised and that moment was in a hurry to go to college so did not think a much and just wore it. Shit it was barely covering my crouch and very small. From backside most of the panty slide into my ass slit. Not covering my bums at all. But satin feeling was very nice. I just rushed to college after that.
I almost forgot that incident. It was strange but i thought she had offered me her panties out of care. Days passed one day due to holiday I was at home. Postman came with letter. I took it and went to aunty's bedroom but oh gosh she was feeding her baby.
I mistakenly saw her one of the boob's shape. I just turned back myself but aunty said "Deepu, please read the letter. Let me hear it" I tuned up and read the letter to her just glanced to her while reading letter. Aunty was not minding my presence and just kept on feeding her baby.
Again i saw that huge bubble covered by baby's head. Felt really weird but then as soon as letter reading was complete i ran out of the room. It was a mixed feeling. At one moment i was feeling embarrassed to think about aunty's boob and other moment i was getting hard on aunty's huge boob glimpses i saw.
One afternoon while coming back from college it started raining heavily and due to wind my umbrella broke. By the time i reached home I was totally wet and shivering with absolute cold. Aunty opened the door and got scared to see me in such bad shape.
She immediately took me to bathroom and asked to remove wet cloths and she ran to bring me warm cloths. She came back with towel and sweater and told me Deepu beta and I could not find your pant at all. I somehow replied with shiver yes because yesterday only I put them all in washing machine.
So all must be wet Aunty replied oh dear ok you first get dry yourself but after that i guess i felt dizzy and don’t remember after that. I guess i must have fall unconscious. I remember i woke up find myself on bed. Aunty was sitting beside me and was rubbing balm on my forehead.
I opened my eyes aunty took a sigh of relief and said thanks god Deepu, you woe up. I was very worried and she smiled." I now came to the world saw i was wearing very thick sweater. But a bottom i was feeling very open strange feeling. So i moved my head down and tried to check. Gosh!!
I was absolutely naked at bottom. My penis was juicy hanging semi-hard at one side and balls are spread in between my legs. I screamed oh shit aunty sorry I am not wearing anything down. Aunty smiled and said dont worry beta ! I have seen you thousands of time naked when you were newborn! Don’t be shy.
You are just like my son Vikas and she went to kitchen to prepare soup for me. It was extremely embarrassing for me to face such scenario. I never thought about this. But somehow I tried to forget this incident and moved on. Many days passed everything was normal.
Radha aunty was absolutely immaculate in her behaviour and I also concentrated myself in studies. July passed my unit test exams were at the corner. Ramesh uncle called up saying he will be late by 2 more months. Aunty was pretty upset that day.
Coming weekend was our neighbours’ daughter's wedding scheduled on Friday night they had Mehandi ceremony and they invited Radha aunty. Radha aunty was already upset and was thinking of skipping ceremony but then I insisted her to attend it.
Radha aunty was not sure as her daughter was still young. But then i convinced her that she should go at least for few hours and meanwhile I wil keep an eye on her daughter. So finally on Friday night Radha aunty around 9 pm made her baby sleep and came to my room.
I was studying. She knocked the door and came in. Oh she was looking very beautiful. Aunty was wearing beautiful pink saree and all ornaments and subtle make up. She told me "Deepu , baby is sleeping now. I hope she won’t wake up. I am little worried as she has not drank much milk today!
I told her don’t worry aunty I will take care of baby Aunty went. Fortunately next 2-3 hours baby did not wake up. Around 11-11:30 pm aunty came back home. She was looking very happy and relaxed. Her both hand were full of Mehandi. I admired her beautiful mehandi
Aunty was very pleased and said "You know Mehandi artist told me to keep this mehandi at least for 2 more hours to dry before wash it off and she was describing overall fun they had during ceremony suddenly we heard a cry from bedroom. Aunty realized that was a baby's cry.
Aunty screamed and ran to bedroom "Oh my god, baby must have woken up" I could hear aunty was trying to put baby on sleep every possible way. But baby's cry became louder and louder after 10-15 minutes aunty came to hall where I was watching TV and hurriedly said.
Deepu and I think baby is hungry and wont sleep unless she feeds on milk. Unfortunately bottled milk is all wasted hence i have to feed the baby! I wondered why she is telling me all this. Aunty must have realized that Deepu beta, problem is that my both hands are full with Mehandi, so i just cannot unbutton my blouse.
I need your help in doing so! I was aghast to hear that. For a moment i was just standstill but i guess Aunty must have became impatient due to baby's louder cry. She yelled at me "Ohhhh !! for god's sake come on Deepu and just help me unbotton!
I quickly stood like a robot and said ok aunty tell me what to do ??" aunty replied "Ok first remove pin my saree pallu attached to my shoulder and then unhook my blouse from bottom" I removed the should pin and her pink saree pallu fall down.
All i can see now 2 big mounds packed in her pink laced blouse. I slowly started unhooking her blouse hooks from bottom. After last hook her blouse just split opened totally and i can now see aunty in her black tight bra. Her boobs were so big that bra was absolutely tight and somehow fitted. Aunty replied
Ok good now do one thing pull up one of my bra cup." I said ok without looking at her and touched her left bra cup. It was all soft feeling. I got totally hard on as first time i was touch woman's boob. With pressure i lifted her bra cup and banged he left boob just fall down and started hanging on air.
My gosh! It was just like giant watermelon and had dark brown nipple on it. Nipple was absolutely pointed aunty did not cared for me. She ran away to bedroom as soon as her boob hung out. After 20 minutes she came out relieved and smiling. Her left boob was still hanging out openly.
She sat beside me and thanked me for all my help. And said "Deepu, You are really helpful. Can you please now  put my boob into my bra please ? " I was shocked to hear that. I said nothing just sat facing her on sofa and grabbed her left boob whoh it was huge and soft.
By other hand I lifter her bra cup and started pushing her boob inside. It was fun to grope the boob. I even deliberately touched her nipples also. Shit I just realized me just cum in my pants. Somehow I pushed her boob inside her bra and hooked her blouse and ran to my room to clean up myself.
Since that incident I realized that even of my aunty is like a mom to me. She has opened up my sexual feeling about her. Maybe she did not deliberately did it but as a matter of fact it’s now clear in my mind that I now want my aunty at any cost. Now I have to do something to progress further!