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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Suhagraat Tips For Girls(First Night Tips for Girls)

Suhagraat Tips For Girls(First Night Tips for Girls)

Suhagraat Tips For Girls(First Night Tips for Girls)
Suhagraat Tips For Girls(First Night Tips for Girls)

Are you Worried How to Attract Men on bed?? Then don't worry now just read the tips given below that will surely blow your mind.

1. Let him see you

Don’t think that turning off the light all the time will be better for you and that it will always make you feel comfortable. It might turn him off if he is not seeing you. Visuals are important to men so don’t worry if your body is not in the best shape because once you both reached the point that you are in bed he will love whatever he is seeing. Of course that is not a reason for you to stay out of shape. If you are shy from him seeing you then start with some candles. If you are not the shy type then why don’t you take it to the next level and let him see you taking your clothes off slowly while he is watching? Believe me you will not regret it and he will like it a lot.

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2. Be heard

Don’t rely on body language only; it is important to express yourself. Tell him you want him; ask him how he feels; tell him when he is doing something you like. Don’t stay silent and do let your facial expressions have some sound effects too. Of course don’t forget to tell him at the end that you enjoyed it and that he was great, even if it was not the best love making experience, this will motivate him for the next time

3. Blow his mind

Use your hands, mouth and all your body parts all over him; touch and pamper every part of him with love and he will reward you back. If he is not enjoying the foreplay then by time he will skip it and in this case you will lose the warm up time that you enjoy. No need to think a lot what you should do and what you shouldn't, just try everything out and ask him what he liked the most.

4. Be interactive and creative

If you are just lying there waiting for him to do every action and every move then by time love making will be boring and you will not enjoy it at all. Be the one initiating some moves, positions and fantasies. Ask him to join you in the shower and be the one to take off his clothes or give him a massage. There are many ideas out there; don’t be afraid to try some creative things, men will definitely appreciate it.

5. Be a new woman

If you are a new woman every now and then, that’s a guarantee he will always be loyal, loving and caring because he will feel he is married to one woman that is worth a thousand women. Change your looks, hair color and style, get new outfits and lingerie, change your perfume collection and make up style … be different every now and then. You can also do some role play so that sometimes you play the role of a shy girl, a control woman, a nurse, a dancer, a teacher, a princess. Unleash your imagination and surprise him with a new lady before he gets bored with the old one.
Tip of the week: Some men like to always be in control; ask him gently if he would like to try something new. Make it clear this is because you want more of him and not because you don’t like your time together.

Suhaag Raat Tips You Missed in Urdu and Hindi For Dulha

Suhaag Raat Tips You Missed in Urdu and Hindi For Dulha

Suhaag Raat Tips You Missed in Urdu and Hindi For Dulha
Suhaag Raat Tips You Missed in Urdu and Hindi For Dulha

sex at suhagrat: 

sex karne se pahle ap bivi ko sex karne ke qabil banai ge. sex ke qabil banane ke lia foreplay karna hoga. 

dialogue ke bad aap dress change kare ge. ap dulha aur ap ki wife dulhan ke cultural dress mai hai. iss dress ko change kar ke sleeping dress pehenna hai. 

mana keh ab ap dono mia bivi hai. aur aik doosre ke libas hai. bivi ap ki kheti hai jaise chahe waise istemal kare. os ke bawajood aik sharm o jhajhak bhi hai jo aik lamhe mai khatam nahi ho jata. isi liye ap aur ap ki wife aik doosre ke samne dress change nahi kare ge. ap dress change karne ke lia attach bath room chale jai. agar attach bath room nahi hai tu doosre kamre mai jakar change kare. agar aisa bhi mumkin nahi hai tu kamre mai iss tarah dress change kare ke bevi ki ap par nazar nahi pare. 

ap ki wife attach bath room ki bajai room mai hi dress change kare gi. iss doran ap room mai nahi rahe ge. ya tu room se bahir chale jai ge ya phir attach bath room mai. ya phir mu pher kar is tarah bith jai ge ke bivi nazar nahi aye. ap bivi ko dress change karte huye nahi dekhe ge. iss doran dulhan na sirf dress change kare gi balkeh apni jewelry bhi otare gi. 

After Dress Change: dress change karne ke bad ap dono sleeping dress mai bed par lait jai ge. aur lait kar guftagu karte rahe ge. laite laite ap ne foreplay start karni hai. Foreplay: foreplay ki ibteda ghair jinsi aza se kare ge. yahi ap piar se batai kare ge aur bivi ke body, arm, head waghaira par hath phere ge. jab thori jhajhak khatam hojai to ahista ahista hath ko breast ki taraf le jai ge. isi tarah raan aur raan ke darmian. 

foreplay mai bivi ya tu bilkul bejan lash ki manind hogi ya phir reflexly ap ko foreplay karne se rok rahi hogi. agar roke tu ap ne piar se os ki himmat badhani hai aur batana hai keh ap dono sharai tor par mia bivi hai. ap log aisa kar sakte hai. 

Undressing: suhagrat mai ap dono poora dress nahi otare ge. sirf neeche ka dress otarni hai. doosre lafzon mai youn samjhe keh is tarah undress hona aur rahna hai keh aik doosre ka nanga jism nazar nahi aye. aik bat ka aur khial rahe keh ab bivi ap se light off karne ka kahe gi. balkeh baaz bivi tu zero power bulb bhi off karne ka kahti hai. 

foreplay ke doran koshish kare keh lete hi lete ap bivi ki shalwar otar de. bivi shalwar otarne mai ya tu kuch nahi kahe gi ya phir resist kare gi. ap ne ose phir samjhana hai ke himmat karo ham dono mia bivi hai. is doran ap apni shalwar pahle hi lete lete otar chuke honge. thori der tak ap ne isi halat mai lete lete foreplay karna hai. yani dono ki shalwar nahi hogi jabkeh dono ke opar ka dress hoga yani shirt qameez waghaira.


 lete lete foreplay karna hai. foreplay ke ke zaria ap bivi ko jinsi tor par stimulate kare ge. ap jism ke har hesse ko piar se dabai ge sahlai ge. khas ka dono raan ke darmian zer naf hisson aur breast ko hath se sahlai ge. 

Bivi ke stimulate hone ki pahchan: jab ap foreplay kare ge tu ap ki bivi stimulate ho jai gi. stimulate hone se os ka vagina geela hona shuru ho jai ga. vagina ke geela hone ka pata ap ko bhi chal jai ga. ap ka hath jo os ki dono raano ke drmian vagina wale hesse ko sahlaa raha tha, gila ho jai ga. 

ab ap is geele hisa par sahlaate sahlaate apni finger ko bivi ke vagina mai dale ge. is ka do faida hai. jab tak bivi full stimulate nahi hogi ap ki finger os ke vagina mai dakhil nahi ho sake ge. doosra faida ye hoga ke ap ko vagina ki asal location ka andaza ho ga. mubashrat: jab ap ki finger asani se os ke vagina mai andar bahir ho sake tu samajh le ke ab sex (mubashrat) karne ka waqt agia hai. 

ap ko sex kneel down position mai karna hai. ap bivi ke kamar ke neeche aik takia (pillow) rakhe ge. os ki dono raan ko phailai (apart) ge. apne penis par koi lubricant lagai ge. mera mashwarah hai keh zaitoon ka tel (olive oil) lagai. finger ki madad se andaza kare ge ke vagina ka asal soorakh kaha hai. phir apne penis (jo keh bahut ziadah sakht nahi hoga) ke tip ko hath mai pakar ke bivi ki andam nihani (vagina) par ragre ge. 

ap ko mahsoos hoga ke ap ka penis bivi ki andam nihani ke andar jagah bana raha hai. jaise hi ap ko bivi ki andam nihani ke soorakh ka andaza ho ap apne penis ko andar dalne ki koshish kare. koshish se ap penis ko vagina ke thora andar ( one inch) dalne mai kamiayab ho jai ge. abhi ap ka penis parda-e-bakarat rupture karne ke qabil nahi hai. 

jab penis andar chala jai tu ose andar bahir karte rahe. ahista ahista ap ke penis ki sakhti mai izafa hota jai ga aur woh bivi ki andam-e-nahi mai ziada se ziadah andar jane ki koshish kare ga. jab full sakht ho gai tu os ke andar parda-e-bakart ko rupture kane ki salahiat ho jai gi. ap parda-e-bakarat par zor lagai. wo rupture ho jai ga. rupture se bivi ko takleef aur bleeding hogi. lekin andhere (dark) mai ap ko na bivi ki takleef nazar aye gi aur na hi bleeding. 

agar ap ne bivi ko sahi se stimulate kia hai tu bivi ko takleef bahut hi mamooli hogi. sahi se stimulate nahi kia hai tu ho sakta hai keh os ki cheekh nikal jai (yeh cheekh hymen rupture ki wajah se nahi balke dry vagina ki wagah se hogi). ap os waqt tak sex kare ge jab tak ke discharge na ho jai. 

After discharge:

 discharge hone ke bad aap narm malmal ke kapre se apna aur bivi ka sex part saf kare ge. dono shalwar pehne ge. bivi ko jo hymen rupture se takleef hui hai os par hamdardi ka izhar kare ge.